• 4 September 2007 18:07:52

    Tagging facelift and search

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    After recommendations from resident member Sativarg the tagging system has had a slight facelift. Each tag now fits under a general category to better show what the tag relates to. You can see the change in the unassigned tags section of any file tag pop-up, or in the tag search.

    Links have been added to the tag search on the left navigation of the file database (underneath the advanced search link) and on the advanced search page. The tag search tells you how many confirmed tags there are to search for and allows you to search for files based on their confirmed tags. Simply put, the tag search allows you to do deeper searches into the file database. Looking for a mod that adds English speaking guilds or factions to Oblivion? Pick the "Oblivion", "Guilds/Factions" and "Language - English" tags and click the search button and see what comes up.

    This feature becomes more powerful with the more accurate confirmed tags files have, so continue to tag files to better the search results.

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