• 3 September 2007 20:19:31

    Server Instability

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The site server has been crashing quite a lot recently; often going down for half an hour every few hours. I'm constantly monitoring the server to try and find the cause of the problem but it still eludes me. I have turned off the file comment view on file pages for this evening so I can monitor the load under these differing circumstances.

    More than likely I will be recoding the comments view to show in a new window, or only load when the user specifically requests to view the latest file comments. While I'm aware I still have some work to do on the file tags, I think the stability of the server should be the number one priority.

    Keep tagging those files though! I know some members of the site have been providing suggestions for the system that I'll have to read through soon. LHammond has recommended the staff be able to confirm tags instantly (i.e., avoiding the 3 necessary ratings). I shall probably implement this along with the ability for authors to instantly confirm tags for their files as they, more than anyone, are the ones qualified enough to know the contents of their files for tagging.

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