• 21 August 2007 13:15:25

    Movers and shakers

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Thought I'd chime in on advacements in the site recently. I'm really glad Buddah and LHammonds have been helping out with the site; there are now less dead links and less duff ratings than ever before. As some of the nasty, unnecessary ratings are removed there have been some real movers and shakers in the top 150 files. Amazingly Midas Magic Spells of Aurum was debunked off the top spot. That was until I removed a couple of duff ratings for the file, and then it shot to the top again. Atleast the Unofficial Oblivion Patch had it's glory moment, if only for a short while!

    Tagging is progressing steadily. I have coded a simple tagging search but will not be releasing it until more files get tagged. As of writing there are currently only 70 confirmed tags (that is, tags that have 3 or more confirmed agreements). So keep tagging along and I'll release the search soon!

    There is also a new image ontop of the top 20 images in the Image Share section of the site. The Image Share section has really taken off, and there are now 1,100 images uploaded and available for viewing. The only thing missing are people to rate the images -- lots of uploaders, not many raters. So if you enjoy seeing some cool Oblivion pics, or are an uploader, then spend some time looking through the database and handing out some ratings!

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