• 17 June 2007 14:06:00

    New Site Poll

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It's time for a new generic site poll on TESSource. I'm asking which town is your favourite Oblivion town; where do you go to stash your gear, enjoy a quiet one in the local pub or visit your favourite house?

    The last site poll asked "How are you finding Shivering Isles?". The results are below.

    It's good - 2221 votes - 68%
    It's ok - 550 votes - 17%
    It's bad - 119 votes - 4%
    No opinion - 354 votes - 11%

    Seems that Shivering Isles has been a good success for Bethesda with a majority of the players thinking the expansion has been average or good.

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