• 14 June 2007 16:26:16

    Image share boo-boo!

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    Semi bad but not catastrophic news for those people who use the image share feature on the site. While writing new code for the site that enabled uploaders to edit their image information I made a rookie PHP mistake and updated every single entry on the site with a default title, caption and description.

    My last backup of the site was on the 8th of June so I will be doing a manual reload of the backup for all entries before that date. Any entries to the feature since the 8th of June will have their title, caption and description changed to a default text.

    Ironically with this new addition to the feature that I have coded today you will be able to edit your image entry text. So please edit any images you have added to the site since the 8th of June!


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