Current Interesting Mod Projects

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In this news post I'll mention certain mod projects which are either released and still being worked on, or are unreleased and being worked on. For those not familiar with Bethesda's official forums, 'WIP' means Work In Progress, and 'RELZ' means release. 'REQ(Z)' means request but that's not really relevant. Also, 'OBSE' means Oblivion Script Extender, and for those who have been living under a rock for the last 10 years: 'mod' is modification.

Enhanced Daedric Invasion BETA

It would seem that an invasion of the Empire by the forces of Oblivion should be a big deal. Oblivion the game does address the effect of the invasion on the people of Cyrodiil, but not enough. I want to make the invasion come alive, where even if the player doesn't decide to do the main quest exclusively they will still have to deal with it. Wouldnt the Daedra be attacking the cities? Wouldn't other heroes from the Empire be heading out to tackle the bad guys? This is what this mod addresses. It adds more Daedra vs Empire interaction by creating new spawns that force some conflict between the two sides.

Besides the player, there are also Fighters/Mages Guild members, the Imperial Legion and others who try to protect the cities and surroundings!

Streamline 3.0 (OBSE)

This mod started with purging the cell buffer to reduce stuttering, but 3.0 adds many more features that will improve performance. All the options can be changed through an easy to use Menu System.
Features: "Streampurge" - Memory purging on an intelligent, scheduled basis
"Streamsmooth" - Realtime FPS Smoothing via detail adjustments
"Streamsave" - An automated, queuing savegame system
"Streamview" - An automatic Field Of View (FOV) system!
"Streambench" - An integrated Oblivion benchmark system

And much more. You won't regret downloading this thing when it's done. Now last, but not least...

Oblivion Graphics Extender(OBSE)

If you have played Morrowind, you might remember Morrowind Graphics Extender. This 'mod' added distant land and Bloom/HDR shaders to the game. Oblivion already has this, and there isn't really much to add. So OGE will focus more on the scripting, and could eventually turn into an OBSE plugin. So far there hasn't been a OGE release, so there aren't any mods which can take advantage of its scripting functions yet. It'll take a while, but I'm sure that we'll get some amazing mods! And nice functions for modders to play with.