• 11 May 2007 0:33:23

    RSS feeds now available

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    RSS feeds are now available on TESSource for the current day's uploaded files and the current day's updated mods. People with RSS programs should been able to add these feeds no problem.

    For people who do not know what RSS is I believe the Google techie said it best when he said "when you want to check your email you don't contact Bill, Jenny or Ben to ask them; it's all centralised in your email inbox". RSS is basically a way to consolidate the resources you access regularly in one place so you don't need to go to each individual site for updates. I'm not really an RSS user myself but I can understand why you would want to have such a functionality from TESSource and hopefully this delivers.

    If you use this service please let me know; would be nice to know if it comes in handy!

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