• 26 April 2007 12:10:48

    Oblivion Expanded Weapon-Drawing Contest

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    Septim741 is holding a weapon-drawing contest for his mod Oblivion Expanded. You can read the interview about Oblivion Expanded we had earlier here.

    To get ideas for new weapons to be used in Oblivion Expanded, we are having an art contest. We are challenging everybody to create a new bow, mace, axe, or sword. Your weapon can be hand-drawn or made in a graphics program. The weapons cannot be taken from a movie or other source. We want you to use your imagination and talent for this! Five winners will be selected.
    1st place winner will have their weapon placed in OE along with a quest, a custom made sig, and recognition in the mod’s credits, trailer, and the forums. Second through fifth place will have their weapon placed in OE as well as recognition in the mod’s credits and the forums.
    Entry's must be hosted by an image hosting site. I recommend this one. It is completely free and requires no registration. Link to the image must be sent to Septim741 or another team member on Gamingsource, TES Forums, or The Hermetic Synod. The deadline for the contest is Sunday, May 13th. The winners will be chosen by the members of the OE team.

    So if you're a good at drawing art by hand or in a graphics program (Like paint), show them what you can do and your own sword might be used in the mod!

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