• 22 April 2007 23:11:04

    Interview with Le Driver, owner of The Elder Scrolls Traveler

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Le Driver over at The Elder Scrolls Traveler recently contacted me in regards to answering a few questions for the weekly blogspot he writes. Naturally instead of just answering the questions normally I went off on a huge 3,000 word tangent about plenty of things. If you're really bored or enjoy reading my dull ramblins then go check out the interview, otherwise go check out the rest of Le Driver's blog!

    Here's a snippet so you can see how boring I am.

    TESSource was created under it's initial name, Morrowind Chronicles, back in August of 2001 when I was just 15 along with my best friend, Simon Blackler. We were literally bouncing on one of those big circular trampolines in his garden and he was telling me about Daggerfall and the soon to be released Morrowind. I got on to talking about how I'd been working on a fansite for a game and we chuckled at the idea of creating a fansite for Morrowind. A month later Morrowind Chronicles was up and running.

    We really only created the site to develop our own skills in web programming and graphic design and in 2002 Simon “left” the site to work on starting his own internet company, Krystal Solutions (, which I have always been a part of. His company is doing extremely well and we both have TESSource to thank for that.

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