• 22 April 2007 12:36:13

    Current Interesting Mod Projects

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    In this news post I'll mention certain mod projects which are either released and still being worked on, or are unreleased and being worked on. For those not familiar with Bethesda's official forums, 'WIP' means Work In Progress, and 'RELZ' means release. 'REQ(Z)' means request but that's not really relevant. Also, 'OBSE' means Oblivion Script Extender, and for those who have been living under a rock for the last 10 years: 'mod' is modification.

    Deadly Reflex 3.3 (OBSE)

    NEW Deadly Reflex 3 aims to change OblivionĀ“s battles into more challenging, gruesome and realistic experience.
    No more doing nothing, these fights are up to YOU to take care of!
    This includes flipping and bashing, which can also be done by npcs, and decapitation! That's what's out there now, in V3.2. But I'd like to point out an interesting feature coming in V3.3: Horse Combat (Mounted Combat)! There's a video which is linked to at the official thread.

    NPC's with Jobs 0.9.8 (OBSE)

    NPC with jobs will be an ever expanding mod that will cover lot's of professions during time.
    With every new version new professions will be added and more interaction will be possible between NPC's, thus forming a full economic system.

    A more detailed description can be found at the official thread. All the previous versions of this mod made new npc's on a new island who had jobs. But from V0.9.7 and onwards, jobs will be added to existing npc's in Cyrodiil.

    Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch 1.0.0
    Just like the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, this patch won't just fix 'real bugs', it will also make sure that trees or plants aren't floating, or too deep in the ground. So far it has also optimized a large tree in Sheogorath's Palace, which should give you an additional 6-7 FPS when looking at it. If you have found a bug that isn't on the fix list yet or a floating tree, tell them!

    That's it for now.

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