• 14 April 2007 23:28:43

    New Poll

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Now that Shivering Isles is out I think a slight change in Poll question is warranted! As always here are the results of the last poll:

    Are you going to buy the Shivering Isles expansion?
    Yes. 77% (2283 votes)
    No. 9%. (270 votes)
    I don't know yet. 14% (412 votes)

    So that would be a resounding yes then. Sometimes I wonder what all the pesimists on the forums are going on about when they say Oblivion was rubbish; I loved the game and it seems a lot of other players did too (oh I'm gonna get scolded!).

    The slightly new poll question asks: How are you finding Shivering Isles?

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