• 2 April 2007 10:19:48

    Oblivion Expanded (unofficial expansion) Q&A

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    Yesterday, I had a Q&A interview with Septim741 about his unofficial expansion: Oblivion Expanded.

    A snippet:

    Povuholo: Could you give me a summary of what this mod is about?

    Septim741: Sure. Oblivion Expanded, which is an unofficial expansion for Oblivion, adds a ton of new content for the player to experience. The following has been announced already: five new sets of armor and weapons, three new races, two new locations, a creature, a companion, at least a dozen miscellaneous quests, and an epic new main quest. Like Oblivion, there will be a collectors edition available for download as well.

    Pov: Will there be a new landmass this all takes place on? Where?

    Sep: Each part will have a new landmass that is not related to the main quest. Part one will have a new landmass for the last half of the quest, but first half takes place in Cyrodill. The other three parts will all have at least one new landmass where their entire portion of the main quest takes place.

    Pov: I heard this is a four part project. What parts are they? In what order will they be released?

    Sep: The four parts are as follows: Part One: The Lost Kingdom, Part Two: Monarch of the Dead, Part Three: Prisoner of Akavir, and Part Four: The Dark Tribunal.

    Read the full interview here.

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