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    Bethesda's New Customer Care Strategy (April Fool's day)

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    2 April edit: This, of course, was an April Fool's day prank. Still, it was a funny article. From now on I'll post serious news! Original message below.

    An interesting article popped up at Planet Elder Scrolls, about Bethesda's 'Enhanced Consumer Interaction'. Apparently they are visiting people (and modders) who are having problems with getting the official mods to work on their computer. And then they... Er... Give them a hug.

    Some snippets:

    "I spent months perfecting my mod," said disgruntled modder Reginald "ImLeet" Hawkthorn, "And then when I went to download one of the DLC official mods, it wouldn't install properly and I had to wait three weeks and spend 90 minutes on the telephone fighting for a refund. We brought Reginald's case to the attention of BethSoft marketing boss Pete Hines, who suggested that the modder would be the first target of their new approach to fan liaison. "


    "It was an episode I'd seen before," continues Reginald, "So I didn't mind the interruption. I went to the door and there was Pete Hines standing right there. He asked me to confirm my name, which I did, and then he hugged me."

    "Studies show that hugging is an excellent way to make someone feel appreciated," explains Hines. "We plan to extend the hugging strategy - which we have termed Enhanced Consumer Interaction - to all regions in a program we will be rolling out over the next six months. We have recruited eight new Senior Enhanced Consumer Interactors, who will each have teams of ECIs under them in mobile units.

    Mobile Consumer Interactor units? Sounds funny.

    You may have to wait some months before your local ECI representative knocks at your door, but don't worry - no member will go unhugged."

    Read the full story at Planet Elder Scrolls

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