• 30 March 2007 19:05:14

    New Feature: Image Sharing!

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I've been working over the past couple of days on a new addition to the site focusing on user uploaded images for ES games. Titled "Image Share", this new section allows any and all members of the site to upload their Elder Scrolls related pictures to the site to share with others. Users can comment and rate images in the database in the same way users can comment and rate files in the file database.

    This feature can be used for anything you wish; showing off your character, providing beta screenshots for your current mod project or just to share something you thought looked cool. As the database gets populated with images and ratings I'll be adding a new feature to the front page of TESSource much in kin to typical "Picture of the Day" of "Featured Picture" features on other sites.

    As with all new features on TESSource the system is in a beta stage and you folks are the beta testers so if you come across anything odd or any errors please file a bug report! If you have any suggestions for improvements (if it's a search feature to look for images uploaded by specific authors don't worry, it's coming) then let yourself be heard. I can't add it if you don't let me know!

    Don't wait, login to your account and start uploading your Elder Scrolls pictures!

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