• 29 March 2007 13:58:26

    Middle-Earth Mod Interview

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    "The Grey Leader", project manager for the MERP Mod for Oblivion has taken part in an interview with The Chamber of Records. I don't know much about this mod since I rarely lurk around the official forums but it could quite possibly be from the foundations of the folks who worked on an early mod for Oblivion which brought certain aspects of Middle-Earth to life. Don't quote me on that though. Talking of quotes, here's a snippet:

    COR: From what I've heard, you're very cautious with showing your mod to the community. Can you explain why?

    Grey: Quite simple really, forbidden fruit is the sweetest. Actually it goes much deeper, there are many advantages to keeping the "hype" down. One thing I really enjoy about having a smaller fan base and a relatively quiet mod is that more work gets done. I don't have to waste time keeping my site up to date, or constantly reply to forum members, nor deal with the many headaches of a large community, especially in times of disagreement. Least of all, I also don't want to cause a legal stir if I can avoid it. I've already made it quite clear in the past that I won't quite modding this project weather I can or cannot release it, I simply enjoy doing what I do, so I'll just keep working on it until it's done. But to me, private seems the best.

    You can find the full interview on the Chamber of Records forum.

    I'll refrain from my personal opinions in this news post and see if anyone has any good comments on the mod!

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