• 20 March 2007 22:35:57

    New Upload Functionality

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I've been busy over the last 6 hours completely recoding the file database system to enable users to upload more than one file to a file entry. Downloaders will notice that the original "Download Now" text has been replaced with a new download link, along with the size of the file and it's total downloads. As authors add more files they get listed one below the other.

    Authors now have a seperate page for uploading files seperate from the "add" or "edit" systems that were originally used. For adding new files; authors add the file details as normal but do not upload the file until the next page.

    The purpose of this new system is two-fold:
    (1) Allow authors to provide "back versions" of their files for testing or preservation purposes and
    (2) Allow authors with files larger than 50MB (the current upload limit) to split their archives into 50MB parts and upload them seperately within the same file entry

    As with all new systems on the site you folks are the beta testers so please don't forget to issue a bug report if you think something isn't working as it should.

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