• 29 November 2006 16:46:13

    New Supporter Features and IRC Chat Room

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Over the past few days I've been busy at work trying to add a 'Download History' system to the file database for people who have paid for Supporter Time. Basically this new page allows you to see all the files you've downloaded over the past year. It checks the date of when you downloaded the file against the date of when the file page was last updated and lets you know whether there has been an update since then. This feature is up and running in a beta mode through the member area for You can use it both to see what files you've downloaded in the past (handy if your system has a nasty break down and you lose all your mods!) and check for updates.

    One thing to note is that there was no way to check the version of the file you downloaded against the latest version that's been uploaded so a file may be flagged as 'updated' but may not necessarily have been updated with a new version (it may have a changed description, new images, etc. on the file page).

    The file tracking/author tracking systems are still in place. This feature is for Supporters only since it's quite intensive on the server resources and would not be able to cope with mass usage.

    In other news I've setup an IRC channel recently for visitors of TESSource to talk about things or get support on any problems they are having with the site. I'm in there, and hopefully more will join up from the forums soon. You can access the channel directly via your own IRC client (server: , channel: #gamingsource) or you can use the web client I've setup (for people who have no experience with IRC).

    Have fun and come idle with us :)

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