• 26 September 2006 16:06:58

    Currently Unavailable!

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Hi folks,

    Just thought I'd pop some news up to let you all know that I moved into my new house in Exeter yesterday, ready for the new University year next week. At this time I have no internet access and probably won't have for a week, maybe two.

    I can catch emails and keep up-to-date on the forums through my department computers but will not be replying to many emails or forum topics since I don't have the time to spare (and it sorta screws with my organisation of knowing who I've emailed/who I haven't!).

    If anyone has any problems with Supporter payments then please be rest assured that they'll be dealt with when I'm back online with the proper measures being taken to make sure your time is reimbursed.

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