• 19 August 2006 13:47:09

    Bethesda Hiring!

    posted by Cid88 Game News
    Bethesda recently decided to kick up their recruiting drive looking for game developers, who will give possible input to TES:V.

    Apparantly they think the modders that have modded for former TES games might make good devs.

    The jobs they are looking for are:

    -Game Programer
    -Wold Artist
    -Special FX Artist
    -Character Artist
    -Game Producer
    -Associate Producer
    -Sales Director
    -Project Manager
    -PR/Marketing Management (think Pete Hines)
    -Quest Designer

    I'm not 100% sure on the details, but I'd expect them to want programmers with extensive C++ knowledge and artists good with 3d Studio Max. Being a Marketing Manager would likely be similar to what Pete Hines does. A quest designer would likely need to be imaginitive, willing to fit in ES lore (don't quote me on this!), and able to use the CS.

    Make sure you check out the Bethsoft jobs page!

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