• 15 August 2006 14:44:56

    Recent Additions At TESSource

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I thought I'd just inform everyone of a couple of new features that have recently been added to TESSource.

    File Database Changes
    Most of you will probably have noticed two new features in the file database and a slight modification. The first is "bug reports" which enables you to file a bug report for a particular mod. Bug reports are for the site; things like broken download links, incorrect descriptions, etc., not for actual bugs with the mod IN-GAME. It's a way of making sure the listings keep clean and tidy and your time doesn't get wasted with bogus mods being uploaded.

    Bug reports go straight to me and are normally dealt with, if necessary, within the day.

    The next feature is the ability to comment on files without having to go to the forum. You can also see the latest 25 comments left for a file on the same page. This is a good way of getting in contact with the author regarding problems or checking for fake mods or bugs that could affect you as it has others.

    The modification to the database now allows uploaders to provide an "Author" for the mod. I know a few people upload mods that they are not the author of, and now the proper people can get credit for actually creating the mod.

    News Changes
    Primarily for mod groups, there's a new submit news feature that allows you to submit news on TESSource regarding your mod. Have you just released a new site for your mod? Are you looking for more members? Are you looking for beta testers? Send in a news article and I'll stick it up on the site for all to see on the main page.

    Tutorial Database
    A whole new section has been written for the site that enables members to add their own tutorials to the TESSource tutorial database. Tutorials can cover a range of subject matter including the construction set, scripting, modelling, optimisation and walkthroughs.

    If you have written a tutorial for these forums or another site then please add it to TESSource; it's all lonely and empty at the moment!

    That's about it for now folks. Enjoy!

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