• 21 July 2014 16:52:26

    Downloading issues update

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Following on from an update on the downloading situation made at the start of the month I want to write a quick post to say we're still working on the CDN setup I touted in the original update.

    Many people are (wrongly) blaming the new download system we added to the site back in the middle of June, which worked fine up until the Steam sales made everything go a bit crazy. To enable us to fully discount this update as a factor for those of you who are getting slow downloads and downloading issues we've re-enabled the old file server selection download method which we'll likely keep up and running until tomorrow morning for our own piece of mind. This will enable us to monitor the situation and conclude whether it's having any factor on the downloading issues.

    Talking of the Steam Summer sale, which ended at the start of this month, we're still seeing unchanged and unprecedented registration traffic on the network since the end of the sale which is the driver for all the download issues occuring. For example, yesterday we hit 9,500 new registrations and today, a Monday (which are typically our slowest days), we've already had 6,200 new registrations with 7 hours of the day still left to go. We're not entirely sure what's driving this big influx of new users well past the end of the Steam sale, all we know is it's happening and we're working to sort out our file server infrastructure to make sure it's no longer an issue. For a more detailed explanation of what we're doing please refer to the news article linked at the start of this post.

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