• 6 December 2013 19:53:03

    Update on NMM status, more site fixes implemented

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It's been a few days now since I originally said NMM would hopefully be up by the end of Wednesday and it's the end of Friday now. We continue to work hard to try and resolve the issues with NMM crashing our web servers but are yet to find a definitive solution (indeed, the times we have tried have resulted in the servers going back down again). Simply put now, unless you hear something different from me personally, we're still working on it and NMM will be back as soon as we've fixed things so that it no longer crashes the sites. Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, do not continue to ask me via PMs (I'm getting thousands a day) or support tickets (similarly, thousands) when NMM will be back. If I knew, I'd be telling you. If I had an update on the situation, I'd tell you. Thank you.

    On the site front we've managed to implement a number of fixes since my last news post. I'll list them below for easy reference:

    • All the file servers are back online and working for manual downloads again.
    • Fixed an issue with the servers randomly "fake" logging you out on a page reload.
    • Fixed an issue with the notifications area saying you're not tracking any files, and not showing tracked file updates, when you are.
    • Fixed an issue with hot file images not working properly on XCOM Nexus.
    • Fixed an issue with the readme uploader not working unless you used the file wizard.
    • Fixed an issue where you could no longer use letters or non-integer numbers in your file versions (e.g. version "5.1" became "5").
    • Deleting comments should now work again.
    • Removed the links to Nexus sites in the footer of the site because if we end up supporting 100s of games it will become untenable (will be replaced by a favourites system soon).

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