NMM alpha test update released, bug fixes aplenty

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Thanks to the bug reports from brave souls testing our alpha release of NMM 0.50 yesterday we have released an update today for people testing the alpha. You can find this latest version by clicking here. Here's the fix list:

1. Bugfix: NMM failing to create file links when the program wasn’t run as administrator with some Windows’ UAC settings.
2. Bugfix: File link overwrite prompt not showing the file owner.
3. Bugfix: Rare crash while migrating the install log.
4. Bugfix: Fixed a missing file link issue with some fomod mods for fallout games.
5. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with Category and Readme Manager setup windows.

Please remember, only install this version of NMM if you're willing to accept the presence of potentially game stopping bugs (until we fix them). Please also remember that the news comments aren't the best place for bug reports! The best place to report bugs is using our Bug Tracker. It's tied to the forums and allows us to converse with you, and others experiencing the issue, so we can fix the issue as soon as possible. Please remember to provide as much information as possible including the steps you took that caused the bug to occur and what operating system you're using! Thanks again guys. As you can see, your help is helping us to make NMM better.


  1. remnantofthepast
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    If I download the alpha can I log onto the god damn NMM and download mods again? Because y'know 0.45.7 doesn't seem to want to let you log on and well download mods anymore....
    1. daddychainmail
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      That is because the Nexus is updating their server, along with all of the mods that go with it. They should be done very soon. We just all have to be patient as they gained a $hit ton of new games for modding.

      Just think. Wait a week and then you'll get Nexus's version of an early Christmas. Cheers!
      (or a late Chanukah or about average wait for Kwanzaa. Happy holidays, all!
    2. elizeah
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      u can still manualy download mods , and add them within the manager as well
  2. bben46
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    @remnantofthepast - just as v0.45.7 (and now 0.46) is a  Beta program (meaning it is being tested and is not yet ready for a release version)
    An Alpha version such as 0.50 is in very early testing - and is in no way stable. You download that at your own peril. That's why the alpha is closed.
    When you downloaded NMM, The top line on the download page shows it is an OPEN BETA   Then, the first line in the description is,


    Open Beta
    We cannot stress enough that we are still in the beta stage of NMM. NMM is in a very good state and will be usable by nearly everyone, but Beta stages are typically used for testing and bug fixing, and some of you will find bugs.
  3. Dark0ne
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  4. arkayn71
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    Do we need to use the alpha test version now that the sites were upgraded. All of the links in the 0.45.7 version no longer link to their page.
  5. BenWah
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    Anyone know if they fixed it so the fomod for Fallout Wanderer's Edition (FWE) works?

    One of the most popular mods for Fallout 3, and my setup guide has to include this so people can get it working with NMM:

    NMM ONLY: Must turn these 3 archives into 1 Before adding & activating:
    Extract all 3 into a new folder called Data, being careful with overwriting order (hotfix last).
    Right click folder to create an archive from it, and add via NMM clicking "add mod from file".
  6. RamonXick
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    some mod that I want to install always give me error "object reference not set to an instance of a object" in this case Ancient Spell mod, already reinstall skyrim (yes, I reinstall my skyrim for testing this build), reinstall mod organizer, moving my mod folder, etc, etc still no luck

    kinda miss the old 'non profiling' build.. any chance give us option to disable profiling feature and just make NMM doing things like the old ways?
  7. donsolidad
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    I can't wait for the beta! I am super excited about this but a little too cowardly to try it yet.
  8. Biohazard186
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    Honestly, I don't like the profiler or whatever it was that did this, unless what it did wasn't supposed to happen. And I only have one game that is modded so being able to turn it off would be nice (when I heard about the profiler I thought it would be a way to have multiple mod load orders for multiple saves).

    Anyway, what happened was as soon as I ran the alpha after installing it it copied all the mods I had currently installed into a separate profile folder, essentially halving the available space on my hard drive. Whether this was intentional or not, that's enough to keep me from updating NMM.
    1. DuskDweller
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      This is not what happened. The files you see in the Skyrim folder are not really there.
    2. bman011
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      esentially using the cmd command for a sym link right?
  9. rBaldrick
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    I hope this version will be able to handle Windows 8.1 well. The previous version did not work for me at all and I had to ditch this essential program for my Skyrim plays, and I am doing all the modding manually. It is not a fun thing let me tell you. So please make this work well with Windows 8.1. Thank you.
  10. ADragonCalledGeorge
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    Imagine all the fun we can have with various body mods now and realism/immersion mods and other overhauls! This means I can have one game using the Seasons of Skyirm overhaul and another using the Tropical Skyrim mod that I have been dying to try out! Epic, simply epic!! Sadly I will wait until some of the bugs get ironed out before testing but you have my kudos and enthusiasm for this venture.

    Keep up the brilliant work!!
    1. moonwolf13
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      Ditto on the waiting thing but it will be worth the wait. aS i have multiple chars lined up in my head.