• Buy A House for Morrowind

    If you want to buy a house like in Oblivion but when you buy it the house comes furnished then this is the plug-in for you. You can get a house in every city. Talk to Rodgu gro-Gamul in the Redoran Council Entrance to buy a house in Aldruhn, Talk to Bassus Modius in the Hlaalu Council Manor to buy a house in Balmora, Talk to Naarifin in the Royal P

    uploaded 20:45, 23 Oct 2009 780 24 25kb LegoManIAm

  • Bard Equipment for Morrowind

    A lute that you can see strapped across your character's back

    uploaded 5:48, 23 Oct 2009 645 21 37kb spaceinvader91

  • NX9_guards_complete for Morrowind

    The complete merged version of my guard mod.

    uploaded 4:11, 20 Oct 2009 15,939 405 2kb NazoX9

  • NX9_guards_ordinators for Morrowind

    You know the drill. This time it's ordinators.

    uploaded 4:09, 20 Oct 2009 222 8 64kb NazoX9

  • NX9_guards_Telvanni for Morrowind

    Telvanni edition of my guard mod.

    uploaded 2:52, 19 Oct 2009 216 9 36kb NazoX9

  • NX9_guards_helseth for Morrowind

    Same as my other guard mods, but for the royal guards in Mournhold.

    uploaded 0:11, 19 Oct 2009 197 4 29kb NazoX9

  • NX9_guards_hlaalu for Morrowind

    The same as my Imperial guard mod, only for Hlaalu guards.

    uploaded 20:45, 18 Oct 2009 210 5 36kb NazoX9

  • Max Out Everything for Morrowind

    Do you ever want all you skills and attributes max out and your health, magicka, and fatigue. Well now you can with just on click. Go to Seyda Neen, Census Office dinningroom and then look on the bookshelf for a book called Max Out Everything. Activate it then it will disaperar and everything will be maxed out.

    uploaded 1:13, 17 Oct 2009 607 46 4kb LegoManIAm

  • Adventurers Guild for Morrowind

    If you like to be part of legal guilds and travel alot then this is the guild for you. With 25 new quests. There are 4 guildhalls in all of Vvardenfell. Aldruhn, Balmora, Sadrith Mora, and Vivec. There are 5 quests in each city and after you do all of those there are 5 more quests in Vivec.

    uploaded 1:01, 16 Oct 2009 1,229 51 2kb LegoManIAm

  • Wrye Mash for Morrowind

    Wrye Mash is a utility for installing and managing mods. And for managing and repairing savegames, and for... Well it's a long list.

    uploaded 6:55, 10 Oct 2009 77,421 3,571 730kb Wrye

  • Weather Rings for Morrowind

    Did you ever just wanted to control the weather in Vvardenfell, Mournhold, and Solsteim. Well now you can. There are three rings. One is for Vvardenfell. One is for Mournhold. And one is for Solsteim. Go to Seyda Neen, Census Office dinning room. Then look at the pictures to help you out but it is on top the bookshelf. You can select the weather to

    uploaded 1:23, 9 Oct 2009 696 27 1kb LegoManIAm

  • Qajakar for Morrowind

    If you like guilds where you steal things or kill people then this is the guild for you. But you must be a Khajiit to join the gang. There are 30 quests in the gang. 5 quests for each city and after you finish those you will have five more quest in Mournhold. If you do not like traveling this will be a good guild for you. The only places you will b

    uploaded 0:13, 9 Oct 2009 167 5 2kb LegoManIAm