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The Ultimate Knight Shop

Author : Orry, aka "The Hand Of God"
Version : 1.0

Lucius Vitallius once a great Imperial legion Captain has retired.
He was getting to old and didn't have the strenght to go on... He
gained much experience in battle and is a brave knight but he also
collected a lot of stuff on his great journey's. But all those things
give him bad memory's too so he doesn't wants them in his house any
more it keeps him reminding of his wife who has been killed by his
enemy. Thats why he and his son Lucius Junior rented a spot in Moonmoth
Legion Fort to make a shop and sell all of his gattered stuff he took
in battle to the people of Morrowind and get rid of the bad memory's
and try to live (if that is possible after all the war he has been true)
a happy life.

This is my brand new mod. The mod is for all the knights out there
because i always thought that in MW theyre weren't enought knight
style armor and stuff like that. I gattered all the nice knight lookin
armor and weapons mods and combined them into one big shop the shop will
now sell about 45 new shields 10 new armor sets 30 new hand weapons 10
new bows and some new clothing. The mod will need Morrowind and Tribunal
to run and the store will be located in Moonmoth legion fort, interior.
Offcourse all the credits go to the makers of these lovely mods.


Using Winzip -
To unzip the mod correctly select Extract (use winzip
classic interface if your in wizard) and make sure the
check box next to "Use Folder Names" is checked. Then
extract all files to your C:Program FilesBethesda SotworksMorrowind

The files should automatically distribute into the
corresponding folders as long as you extract the entire
zip in one go. (make sure all files is selected in the
'extract' interface to ensure this)

By default the directory to unzip to will be :
C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowind

Then Simply Turning on the plugin should run the mod.

If you want to place the files yourself simply unzip the
files to another location and manually move them over.


Here a list of the mods I used everyone has gave me permission to add them
so don't worry and offcourse all the credits go to them.

- Jeremy McQuinn's Knight's of Tamriel.
- Korona's Leather Quiver from her Falconer leather mod.
- Jeb's Ardeas by Joel Bradock
- MikeMS Roayl Golden Armor
- Dragon's Breech Chainmail Merchant
- Blademaster's Weaponpack
- KP's large Shield Pack
- The Inwah's, bretonmage and an old friend's Wodden Longbow's


Orry, aka "The Hand Of God"

If i forgot anyone please email me to [email protected]