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The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind:
"Better Sounds"

(!) ****** VERSION 1.1. *******
1. Scripts from the version 1.0. are updated;
2. Sounds for signboards of Guild of Mages, Fighters, etc. in imperial style are replaced;
3. Sounds of birds in Sheogorad region are replaced;

1. New FootSteps sounds, Including on water, landings on water;
3. New sounds of a wind in caves (4 variations);
4. New sound for cloudy weather (writen ini-file it's not necessary);
5. New atmospheric sounds in cities ("day time" and "night" variations), taverns, daedric shrines, ancestral tombs;

********** WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? ***************
This plugin changes defoult sound effects of Elder Scrolls III. All changes are divided into several groups - environment, items, doors, creatures, magic.
This is not a simple "sound replacer". While working on "Better Sounds",
we wanted to bring new life into TES III, to make it more atmospheric.

1. Environment. Each region of Vvardenfell now has an own set of ambient sounds. Birds are humming above the plains, while swamps echo with frog calls and strong mountain winds howl in the highlands. Day and night sounds are different, and all weather sounds are replaced with better sounds.
2. Magic. All magical effect sounds are replaced. For the first time, fire and poison have unique sound effects.
3. Creatures. 17 Morrowind monsters have new screams. 9 of them have new distinctive footstep sounds. You'll be able to hear squeaking of skeleton bones or ringing of dremora's heavy daedric armor...
4. Items. Now almost all items in your backpack will sound different, more realistically.
5. Doors. All doors are new, better sounding effects.

1. It is not recommended to use "BetterSounds" together with Duncan's "Atmospheric Sound Effects"
2. If you have "Bitter Coast Sounds Plugin" (bcsounds.esp), don't use it - it's no need eny more;

Authors: Jeka and TJ
Special thanks to Gwathlobal, Varg, Boblen and EJ-12

This plugins includes the official «Bitter Coast Sounds Plugin», which was significantly improved. Creator of «Bitter Coast Sounds Plugin» — Bethesda Softworks.

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