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Meteoric Steel Mail by Cethegus
A Plugin for TES3 Morrowind

1. Requirements
2. Information
3. Issues
4. Credits and Thanks
5. Terms of use
6. Contact

Read all of this text, it contains important information!


1. Requirements

This plugin requires Morrowind and Bloodmoon (because of the location and the scripting functions) installed. It is highly recommended to have Better Bodies ( ) installed too. In fact this whole plugin is geared towards beeing played with BB. Meteroric Steel Mail is not dependant on this plugin, so you could play it without it, if you really have to do so. Should be compatible with Smoother Bodies too, I haven't tested it though.


2. Information

This plugin adds Elin's House just behind (roughly North of) Fort Frostmoth. Elin will sell rare Armor and Weapons, made of Meteoric Steel. They offer good protection/attack while beeing light and comfortable to wear/wield. There are rumors that it's inert Magic makes Meteoric Iron such a good base to make highly protective and light armor. Yet, up to this day noone was able to put enchantments on this metal.

Here's a small table with all data for the Meteoric Set:

Weight AR Health Value
Boots 12 70 700 250000
Cuirass 18 70 2500 300000
Gauntlets 3 70 450 250000
Pauldrons 6 70 700 250000
'Shield' 7 70 3000 200000
Sword 25 -- 3000 250000
Bow 25 -- 3000 250000

This plugin features an offhand shortsword ('dual wield') and sheathed swords. After you spent this insane amount of gold to purchase the armor, at least the swordbelt is for free (pick it up from the chest). If you equip this belt, a message box appears and lets you choose to either strap the swords on the back (sheating) or use them as weapons. I recommend assigning one quick-slot to it, so you can always and quickly utilize those options.


3. Issues worth mentioning / a pseudo-FAQ

Is this plugin clean?
Yes, it was cleaned with Morrowind Enchanted Editor from all GMST and other unwanted data the CS tends to include sometimes.

Why is the armor so expensive?
Hey, it's some really rare Metal we speak of here, you don't honestly believe it's getting sold for the price of a bread and a silver candlestick, eh? This plugin is meant for high-level players, who spent some time already exploring the world, testing some armor etc.

Damn, I can't afford this stuff!
I recommend using plugins like IndyBank and/or Havish. In both you will find banks, which will easily increase your money. In my current game I have around 40 Mill. Would be sufficient to equip a small army of companions with Meteoric Steel. Also, don't sell your stuff to talking crabs...

When I put on the cuirass, it's invisible!?
This is because the whole set of armor was designed for the female body. I won't waste your time with technical mumbo-jumbo, so it must be sufficient to say 'It does not work with males'. I'm planning on a male cuirass though, which may be available at the same place in an update (as soon as I find a fitting mesh). Btw, you can wear the cuirass as a male, it's just invisible. So, ideal for anyone who ever dreamed of displaying his steel-pants to the public...

I have assigned the swordbelt to a quick-slot-key, but when I press it, nothing happens.
For some strange reason the first(!) time you equip the belt, it will really be euipped (normally the SkipEquip function skips equipping). Just unequip it and from now on it will work as supposed.

WTH? I have dozens of swordbelts in my inventory!
Under rare cirumstances it might happen that you see multiple swordbelts in your inventory after using it several times. Just pick it up and you'll see them all vanish. I'm not sure, why this happens. I think it only happened while I tested it without prior cleaning the plugin.


4. Credits and thanks

The mesh for the cuirass is Neuman's Tight Dress
all other meshes are originally Bethesda's work
The mesh for the bow was made by Zyndaar

I used a small part of Bethesda's Domina Texture for my work, as well some bits are based on photographies. The rest are textures I made from scratch.

Above all great thanks go out to Svartalv, who combined sword and pauldron meshes and made the sword to be wielded in the left hand. This plugin would be much different without this!

Words of Thanks have to go out to Daduke as well, who gratituously offered hosting and a forum for me. I feel honoured!

Thanks too to StJohn, who hosts the TES Screenshot Library ( ), which I often used to spread pictures of my work to the people. This is a truly exceptional service!

As well I thank Dave Humphrey for NIFTexture and The Secret Masters for the Enchanted Editor, both tools make a great difference in editing.


5. Terms of use

This plugin may not be redistributed without my permission.
You may not use this plugin as a base for another without my permission. (I don't want to see any plugin selling Meteoric Mail for 100 goldpieces for example; and I would not like seeing the textures used for something other than for what they are used now). If you have an idea about how to implement MSM armor in some other mod (quest mod for obtaining it or something like this; use in a TC), please contact me first, most likeley I will give permission (if I like the idea :)). You may however use the offhand and sword/pauldron meshes freely (especially if retextured to avoid confusion with this plugin).


6. Contact

Do you have a question? A suggestion? Critic? Bugs to report?
You can contact me either via PM on the Official Forums ( ) or use the possibilities, Daduke offered by hosting me ( ).