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wooden longbows v.2.0 by The_inwah and anoldfriend********************************************************************************************Installation:Installation should be pretty simple... meshes (nif file) goes into the meshes folder,texture (the bmp file) goes into the textures folder. and the icond (tga file) goes intothe icons folder. I really hope I packed the mod correct, so all you have to do is to unzipthis mod to your datafiles folder... have fun!********************************************************************************************Description:This mod adds a 10 longbows to the game of morrowind. You can get the bows by finding a a highelf standing outsite the Balmora entrance gates. He will sell you the bows and a 'couple' of arrows. The bows are pretty balanced and not expensive.********************************************************************************************Usage in other mods:You are allowed to use this mesh/texture/icon in your mod if you wish, all we wish is thatprober credit are given, and this read me are included in you mod =)********************************************************************************************CREDITS:well basicly the credits goes to Anodlfriend for making the bow mesh and to Phijama forhelping me making the animations req for the bow...Also credits to Funkymonkey613 and brady228 for testing the mod.Thebretonmage for doing most all of the textures, exept for two of them, wich I did :DKagz, for helping me fix the stupid merchant won't buy/sell bug :)********************************************************************************************Known issues:okay, this part of it suck!I've heard that at least one had trouble with the merchant, not willing to sell to him, andthe icons for the bows sometimes won't show up. Some of the texture may look a little simpleseen at distance, but closeup they look really good! This should be all I know of =)