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Centurion´s Castle Eaglestone
(Included Lorathiels "Knight Stand")

New isle with your own castle offshore north of Khuul (-10;20).
Don´t worry about getting lost at "the end of the world", there is a mage offering travel-service
to Balmora and Ebonheart.
This castle is meant being a reward for your outstanding achivements in the fighters-guild.
Talk to Ogra Bulak by the docks at Khuul to go there.


-new isle "Eaglestone" (ex West Gash region (-10;20))
-Castle Eaglestone

-Castle Eaglestone (knight-hall, master-sleeping-rooms, servant-quarters, hidden treasury, kitchen, guest-rooms)
-Gate Towers
-Office (merchant, smith, travel-mage, healer, small weapon-room, guard-quarters, jail)


The castle is fully furnished and well equipped (except master-rooms and hidden treasury, they are only furnished and it is
up to you to store your own goods there).
Just have a look at! I guess you won´t be disappointed.

This mod was made with version 1.3.1029 (Tribunal-US), but you might be able to downgrade it (i tried to take no parts out of Tribunal).


UnZip these files into your Morrowind\Data Files\ directory.
When you run Morrowind, click on Data Files, then check off
"Centurion´s Castle Eaglestone" and run the game.

And here the readme for "Lorathiels Knight Stand" which i used in "Centurion´s Castle Eaglestone":



This object does not come with any plug-in as it is intended for use in your mods.


Just unzip it into your Morrowind/Data Files folder, and create a plug-in that uses it.

If you wish to get the meshes (only in Maya and Filmbox format) you can send me an email and i'll email them to you.

The NEW meshes and textures are copyright by Sonja Moritz, all other things in this plug-in are copyright of their respective owners
You are permitted to use the NEW meshes for your own use, as long as you do not change them and include the copyright notice concerning the meshes.
You are permitted to use the NEW texture for your own use, you may change them, as long as you include the copyright notice concerning the textures