wolfen castle by The Wolfen and Harald Cheetara
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"Original Readme by The Wolfen"

Wolfen Castle is on a new island complex south of Ebonheart. The castle itself
is very large. This is not intended to be a cheat plugin, so there is no
fantastic treasure. There are a couple of things that assist with travel,
but they are reasonable and balanced. What this plugin does provide is a
huge keep for the player's use, a mini-quest suitable for level 8 or higher
characters that opens up the main keep's secrets, limited travel services and
more. The main keep has 4 levels, countless rooms, a smithy, a laboratory, a
vault, multiple armories (limited weapons - you can provide your own), a
training room, a garden, plenty of storage, a huge master suite, and much

Wolfen Castle Espanded by Harald Cheetara Readme:

This is *NOT* a new mod, it's a modified version of "Castle Wolfen"
(which is one of the best Morrowind-mods ever, as far as I'm
concerned, I'd even think Mods like these "sold" Morrowind).
It has been "spiced up" with a few "modder's resources"
and a bit of (very basic) scripting by me.