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Jayson Drew Gazeley

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Dragonbone Armor v.1.2
by Jayson Gazeley

This plugin adds the missing armor to match the Dragonbone Cuirass available in the game. The armor added include the greaves, the boots, the gauntlets, and the pauldrons. These pieces are scattered throughout Vvardenfell.

Stat Overview:
Armor Ratings
The Cuirass, Greaves and Boots have an armor rating of 100.
The Gauntlets and Pauldrons have an armor rating of 90.

Cuirass- 100% Resist Fire
Greaves- Fortify Acrobatics +40
Boots - Fortify Speed +30
Gauntlets - Fortify Strength +10 (each)
Pauldrons - Fortify Attack +10 (each)

Other Stats
All pieces are Heavy armor


Cuirass- 50/3000/180000
Greaves- 45/2500/100000
Boots - 25/1500/90000
Gauntlets - 10/1000/10000 (each)
Pauldrons - 20/1200/12000 (each)

Cuirass - Mudan Grotto, Vault
Greaves - Bal Ur, Underground
Boots- Llarevu Aryon's Burial (Aryon Ancestral Tomb)
Gauntlets - Kogoruhn, Vault of Aerode
Pauldron (Left) - Dagoth Ur, Inner Tower
Pauldron (Right) - Insane Adventurer NPC (southwest of Tel Fyr, near an Ashlander yurt)

- MP*Canus for the pauldrons
- Tommy Khajiit for teaching me how to make icons

TES Construction Set
Adobe Photoshop

Please give credit where it's due.

In MP*Canus' readme, he says this under Credits and Usage:

"Original meshes by Bethesda Softworks, editing by me, MP*Canus
Original textures by Bethesda Softworks, editing by me, MP*Canus

You may use and distribute this plugin freely without additional permission, so long as the above credits are included and they are distributed free of charge."

Please respect his request.

Elder Scrolls Official Forums: Jayson
Email: [email protected]

Update History
Version 1.1 Updates:
- Cleaned with TESAME
- Altered stats

Version 1.2 Updates:
- Added MP*Canus' Pauldrons