Sadrith Mora Closed City by The Bloodthirsty Crustacean
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Added: 21/12/2006 - 04:46PM
Updated: 30/04/2007 - 06:17PM

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Last updated at 18:17, 30 Apr 2007 Uploaded at 16:46, 21 Dec 2006

Makes Sadrith Mora an off-limits city to non-Telvanni, as it is frequently described in game. Either join House Telvanni, or purchase Hospitality Papers from the Gateway Inn to enter the city.

It is possible to sneak in, but you won't be able to buy anything, or speak to anyone, and guards will chuck you out.

Additional Changes:
Two small boats will take you from Gateway/docks to Wolverine Hall and vice versa
Added a path leading to the Mages house.
Added a root where there was a shadow for one, but no root.
Angaredhel now deals with joining HT.

IMPORTANT: If you enter town and are kicked out with a companion following you, that person will remain in town, and not follow. This (temporarily) breaks two quests, which involve escorting people out of Sadrith Mora. To fix, either buy your Papers, or return to town after having lost them. They should hopefully start following again.

This is NOT a game-breaking issue, and the mod still works. Just be aware of this issue. That is all.

Included is an incomplete version of my attempts to fix this. Any experienced modder can feel free to attempt to do this properly, as long as I am credited with the original mod.