Romance English Version by Fandorn Delavie and the Wiwiland team
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Better Bodies is also REQUIRED to minimize errors that will occur without it.

This mod is the English translation of the original French mod Romance v3.7.

The mod allows the player to romance, marry, and have children. Men can discover the joys of fatherhood by fathering the child of female NPCs. Women carry their children to term themselves. The player can discover a child lost somewhere in Vvardenfell.
You can :
- Start a romance with any NPC of Morrowind, from the moment you speak with them
- Get married to them
- Make love with them
- Break up at any time
- Become pregnant (for female characters)
- Take care of your baby
- Prostitute yourself (using Prostitution mod, that is included)
- Visit prostitutes (using Prostitution mod, that is included)
- Adopt a lost child

Included in the download is a compressed file that will allow you to choose the race (8 humanoid races) of your child; a tutorial on how to create for custom races; and 3 additional plug-ins to allow same-sex relationships, to enable prostitution, and to create the ability for your partner to follow you in a limited capacity.

Some things of note:
There is a "Love" scene, but it is blackened out.

The beast races (Khajiit, Argonians) are partially supported; they can conduct Romances but they can not give birth to children.

About companion mods, like Constance: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Problems with companions range from none to refusal to develop a Romance.

Any released add-ons to this mod without the approval of this mod's creator will be unofficial mods, and will not be supported if any problems arise.

Lastly, READ the ReadMe.

If any other problems arise, visit us at the Release thread at ESFhere.