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Animation Replacement Beta
by Oshiel

This is a set of animation files I made a little while ago as a personal project. I released
them, but made the mistake of doing so on my geocities website, which caused all kinds
of problems with bandwidth. Eventually the files were taken down (though not by me),
and I started working on another set for use with another project. In the meantime, though,
I decided to properly release this set in a place where it is easily accessible to everyone and
maybe people can get a little more enjoyment out of the game.

A disclaimer - this animation set never progressed beyond Beta status. At the time I made it,
I was learning the ropes of both 3d animation in general and the particular way things had
to be done in MW. As such, they are not quite the quality level I would like, nor do they
replace all the animation in the game. I made them specifically to replace certain animations
for the player character, and as a kind of proof of concept once it became fairly common
knowledge on the forums that this was possible.

Disclaimer Part2: This is some seriously anime/ninja influenced animation. As such it has been
described as "over the top;" fair warning. In general its something to play around with; try it out, and
if you find the game a little more fun playing with somewhat different animation, feel free to enjoy it.
If not, please forgive me - but it did start out as a personal project =)

To use the animations, first put extract the three files from the zip into a sub-folder in
the Morrowind/Data Files/Meshes folder you can easily recognize; i.e, make a
new folder named Reanimation or Animation Replacer.

Open the construction set and load Morrowind by clicking on
"File" and then on "Data Files," then select Morrowind by double-
clicking on "Morrowind.esm" and clicking "OK."

Now, once Morrowind has finished loading, click on the "NPC" tab in
the "Object Window." Search for the NPC named "player" and open the
properties window by double-clicking on it. Choose the race you will
most likely play - the reason for this will be explained later. In the
right-mid part of the window, you will see the "Add Animation File" button.
Click on it.

Now you will need to browse to the folder in which you've put the
downloaded files. You'll see you can only select "MercoCreatureFix.nif"
or "XMercoCreatureFix.nif". The third one is not visible here, but it is still needed,
so please don't delete it. To replace the animation file, select the "MercoCreatureFix.nif" file,
not the one with an X in front of it. Click open. At this point, changing "player's"
race will reset the animations to the default and you'll have to go through the above
process all over again if you want the animations to work. Thus, its best to decide
which race you plan to play before setting up the mod.

Ignore any errors you may encounter; they are about missing textures
and we don't need any textures. Press either "Yes" or "Cancel" for
"Yes to All". Now press the "Save" button to save the newly entered
NPC data. After that you will need to save the Mod itself by clicking "File"
and after that on "Save". Type any name you want and save the file.

Now you've made your mod!

Of course, you'll want to try it out. Boot up the Morrowind Launcher and
click on "Data Files". Select your Mod by double clicking on it, it should be
on the bottom of the list. Then start up Morrowind.

In order to see the animations, you must start a new game. When asked for the
race, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING, just press OK and then proceed through
the CharGen as normal. If everything is alright, you should be able to play with your new
animations! There are slight problems with Better Bodies and some of the armors
due to the rather extreme movements, but they are relatively negligible. Also,
attempting to load save games in the midst of an existing game may cause a CTD, due
(I believe) to the game trying to reload the animations over each other, or something
to that effect. Once you have started and saved a game with the new animations, they
will remain in effect for the remainder of the game, and the game can be loaded and
saved as normal.

Unfortuantely, any script or spell that changes your animations (werewolfism in
Bloodmoon is definite, and I would assume the same is true of some of Cortex' Scripted
Spells) will revert the animations back to the default. A possible plus is the fact that you
can also assign the animations to any other NPC in the game and they will work fine.
They won't work for creatures, however, since the note tracks are different.

If there are any problems, please double-check the previous steps to make sure no steps
were skipped. If that still doesn't work, drop me a PM or an email.