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This mod adds dialogues to the Vampires of the Clan Berne in Galom Daeus. About 90% of the dialogues are written by me, although I have been experimenting with new AI models to generate some dialogues.

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This mod adds dialogues to the NPCs of the Clan Berne Vampires in Galom Daeus (excluding Raxle Berne itself). About 90% of the dialogues are written by me, although I have been experimenting with new AI models to generate some dialogues. 

V. 1.0 - 
This release includes backgrounds for the following NPC's (9):

  • Arenara
  • Eloe
  • Gergio
  • Germia
  • Ildogesto
  • Leone
  • Clasomo
  • Fammana
  • Reberio



I want to begin by expressing my admiration for the LGNPC mods. However, since these mods don't cover all cities, such as Balmora, Dagon Fel or all the NPCS of the Zainab Camp, the places not included in the LGNPC mods feel less vibrant compared to those with added text. So, I have decided to create a mod that adds stories to some NPCs in several locations.

If you like the mods, please let me know. I intend to keep uploading mods of this style, and it would help to hear the opinions of those who use them. Any constructive criticism is welcome. If you find any errors in the Lore or grammar of the texts, please let me know as well. I am not a native English speaker, and although I review the texts, there may be errors.


My intention is that each character has a story, although not necessarily an epic story. Just a story that, when visiting one location, allows players to identify and feel acquainted with the characters at first sight. I enjoy feeling at home when playing Morrowind, and giving the NPCs personalities makes the game world feel more real. The mod adds over 22 pages of lore-friendly dialogues. As is often the case, some stories may have higher quality than others. All the dialogues are lore-friendly, and if I have made any mistakes, please let me know.

I have taken extensive measures to ensure compatibility with other mods. All conversations start with the new dialogue prompt "Who are you?" to initiate the dialogue, ensuring that no original dialogues are overwritten. Therefore, the new dialogues should not disrupt any other dialogue added by another mod. While it may not be the most elegant solution, I believe it is the most practical approach that works effectively.