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An Argonian shaman's spirit lingers in the Bitter Coast. Find out why, and perhaps, help him rest.

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"The story behind the painting I drew is already told
No more tearstains on the pages of my diary
Tired but unable to give up since I'm
Responsible for the lives I saved"

- "Dead Gardens" by Nightwish

An Argonian shaman's spirit has been seen lingering near Seyda Neen. What does he want? How can his spirit be put to proper rest? Talk to him to find out. Accept his quest... or don't.

Speechcraft matters here. You can persuade the spirit and thus change the outcomes of this quest. This mod only requires Morrowind/Bloodmoon/Tribunal.

To start the quest, talk to the Argonian spirit named "Protector-Amongst-Trees". Find him just south of Seyda Neen, on the island next to the shipwreck.

Thanks to moggadeet, for being my partner in crime; and to Nightwish for making the song that loosely inspired this mod in the first place. (this mod was originally for BG2, but I thought I'd port it over to Morrowind. Hope you all enjoy!)