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Edits to Larrius Varo's quest to allow more discretion than having a massive barfight

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I always thought it was a little silly (and frustrating) that you could only complete
Larrius Varo Tells a Little Story by having a massive barfight. Where's the subtlety and discretion in that?

(I also have an upcoming questline mod that requires this quest to be completed first, and so I wanted to make it easier for lower-level characters to finish.)

So I made this mod. Here's what this mod does, exactly:

  • Makes it so you don't need to kill Sovor, the savant who works at the manor and who Habasi sends you to get the key from. This is for DimNussens, and also for compatibility purposes.But mostly for Dim, if we're being completely honest ;)
  • Sovor is also moved to the local bookstore! He's a savant, after all, and hungry for knowledge. 
  • Gives alternative ways to kill Marasa Aren, Vadusa Sathryon, and Madrale Thirith.
  • Sets the Bartender's Alarm to 0 so he doesn't report any crimes.
  • Sets Madrale Thirith's Alarm to 0 so she doesn't report any crimes. I imagine that she'd be confident in her ability to fight you off and also she's carrying illicit substances, so she probably doesn't want to call any guards over.

The "Bad People":
  • Madrale Thirith: She's a thief/fence, so I figured she'd be a skooma dealer, too. She's been moved to an alleyway in Balmora. She's awaiting a skooma deal (as the seller, naturally) in the alleyway behind the Council Club.
  • Vadusa Sathryon and Marasa Aren: you can convince the bartender to poison the food and drinks. This kills them (but not the other NPCs). Note that you need to (1) persuade the bartender to do this in the first place, and (2) supply 5 Luminous Russella and 5 Violet Corprinus (as these ingredients have the "Poison" effect).
  • Thanelen Velas: (new in v1.1) When you're solving the murder of Ralen Hlaalo and you get the murderer's description, you can tell Nileno Dorvayn, and she'll kill him off-screen. You could turn in Nine-toes instead, but why would you do that.

  • The only foreseeable issue is Madrale Thirith clipping into something that a Balmora overhaul mod adds in the back alleyway. I know that it works with Amazing Balmora Expansion, since that's what I use. Uncertain about City of Contrasts, BCOM, etc. If someone could let me know about those, that'd be great, and I'm willing to move Marasa as needed

  • Morag Tong Writs, a Morrowind mod
  • Swordflight, a Neverwinter Nights module

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