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Adds new ways to deal with Saprius Entius.

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Adds new ways to deal with Saprius Entius:

  • Give him a scroll of Divine Intervention to skip parts of the quest.
  • Guide him to Ebonheart, whether or not you are a member of the Legion.
  • Tell the Ordinators where he is hiding.
  • Talk to him while a Dunmer and dressed as an Ordinator to get him to attack you.

Misc. changes
  • Saprius is there from the get-go, so you don't need to join the Legion to get him to appear.
  • Gives proper Khajiit-speak to Khajiit when asked about Saprius Entius.

Consequences for telling the Ordinators where he is:
  • You miss out on the reward from Frald the White, but the quest gets closed in your journal.
  • If using BCoM, Saprius Entius will appear in the Vivec, Arena Holding Cells (there is currently no way to free him).
  • If using BCoM and Roaring Arena, he will appear in the Holding Cells, and also as a fighter in the arena pit. If he dies in the pit, he won't be in the cell.

Consequences for helping him reach Ebonheart as a non-Legion member:
  • Frald will reward the player, but will not give the faction increase.

Changes to the Ordinators:
  • If you are a Dunmer and not in Legion uniform when they attack Saprius, you will not be attacked as long as you don't attack them.
  • If Saprius is not currently following you, talking to the Ordinators will not cause them to attack.

Future plans:
  • Give more NPCs things to say about him, such as "I heard that he's been brough to justice." or "I haven't heard about him in lately. Must have escaped or died."
  • Let the player drop him off in Old Ebonheart or Firewatch. Not sure why you would want to, but it makes sense to me that he'd lay low there too if he could.
  • Make a version that supports just Roaring Arena. Current Roaring Arena version also needs BCoM.

Mod Synergies is a series (or maybe just this one mod) where I make edits to the base-game to add content to mods that would be scope-creep if a part of those mods.