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Archive of Stuporstar's fantastic Tea Mod.

Permissions and credits
This is a re-upload of Stuporstar's Tea Mod. 

With her website down, Great House Fliggerty down, and Morrowind Modding History down, this makes it incredibly difficult to find all of her mods.

While "Quest Tweaks and Alternatives" and "Uvirith's Legacy 3.5" have thankfully been preserved, several of her other mods have not.

I'm uploading it here, so everyone can have access to it.

We lost Planet Elder Scrolls, Mod History, Great House Fliggerty, and many, many others along the way, and all the mods and resources uploaded there are gone forever. So please make sure to archive mods like this for future generations of modders!

If Stuporstar wants me to take this mod down, I will.

My email is [email protected] if anyone needs to contact me.

My discord is hoary_mane if you need to contact me (Random friend requests from people I don't know and don't share mutual servers with me will probably be denied sorry)
The Tea Mod 2.1
A Morrowind Mod by Stuporstar
Contact: [email protected]
Requires Tribunal & Bloodmoon
This mod adds 30 teas (including blacks, greens, and herbals) and 6 different coffees to the game, as well as a few tasty treats.
Each is an ingredient with unique alchemical properties, and can be brewed into potions with similar alchemical effects.
20 different tea sets are for sale, as well as a book about Tamriel teas, a ton of new trays, tins, jars and other items to dress up your kitchen or alchemy lab, and a few other interesting decorative items.
What's new for version 2.0:
A whole new tea shop has been added to Tel Mora, as well as a few new ingredients such as honey and chocolates. The new tea shop sells tons of dishware (including a full set of bug-design ware), new tins, trays, and cutlery--nearly every one created specially for this mod.
Chocolate giving has been added to the main mod rather than the tea giving add-on. If you purchase a chocolate box (does not actually contain chocolate--it's for gifting only), a dialogue option will show up that allows you to give it to anyone for a small disposition boost. The dialogue will disappear if no boxes are in your inventory.
There's also some new dialogue for Elegnan that allows you to have any unique clothing worn by Tea Mod NPCs custom made for yourself.
Brewing Tea:
Requires that you have the tea and a teapot to brew it in.
Cups are optional, but having them in your inventory will allow you to brew potion versions for later consumption. You get the cups back after drinking them.
Coffee must be ground before brewing. The coffee grinders for sale have to be dropped in the game world before using them. You can also freely use the permanent one in the shop.
Where to buy tea:
All these teas are imported, so you won't find any tea plants in Vvardenfell. You'll have to find the two tea shops in the game.
Ebonheart: Turn left at the dragon statue as you enter Ebonheart and cross the bridge. You'll find the shop on a little hill outside town.
Tel Mora: Make your way from the docks, past Elegnan the clothier, and up the hill just outside of town.
The Ebonheart tea shop also has a few amusing patrons who randomly come and go. The Tel Mora tea shop has quite a few regulars, mostly Tel Mora residents, and a new quest involving the Thieves Guild. If you kill any Tel Mora residents, their Tea Mod/Vanilla counterparts will be disabled.
Special Orders and Shipments:
Teas and most items are shipped in weekly if you deplete their stock. Rare teas and expensive items are shipped in monthly, and some rare items take three months to resupply.
You can make a special order on almost any item available in the shop, for a small shipping fee paid up front, which doesn't go towards the item's cost.
Special ordering common items will still take a week, but increase their supply. Special ordering items that normally take a month will reduce their shipping time to a week. Special ordering rare items will reduce their shipping time from three months to one. There is a limit to how many expensive items of one kind you can order per week (or month, for rare items).
You can special order any item in the new shop as well. A couple items, like the portable display cases, are special order only.
Note about portable containers: These items will not carry their contents along with them!
So make sure they're empty before moving them, I made it so you have to open the container to pick them up. The container will show up as an icon that you transfer to your own inventory.
The container won't disappear until you close the menu (to give you time to put it back if you grab it without intending to).
The moment you drop the container in the game world, it becomes a container again. The first time you activate a jar, it will give you the option of resizing it. The first time you activate a chest, it will give you the option of positioning it.
The TeaMod also includes a global positioning script, used by the portable chests.
You can run this script on any object by clicking on it in the console and typing StartScript ST_PositionScr.
The buglamp and redware lamp meshes can also be used as a replacer if copied and renamed to Light_buglamp_01.nif and Light_Redware_Lamp.nif in the L folder.
The mesh st_rw_platter.nif, found in the teamod folder, can be copied into the M folder and renamed misc_redware_platter.nif to replace the original.
The mesh st_bugbowl.nif, in the ST folder, can be copied into the M folder and renamed Misc_bowl_bugdesign_01.nif to replace the standard bugbowl.
Extra Add-ons
NoM Compatability:
This mod includes a NoM compatibility patch, which does the following:
- Adds NoM tisane making to all teapots. TeaMod tisanes have been named "herbal teas" under the tea making options to differentiate them from the NoM tisanes.
- All teas reduce thirst when consumed. Coffees also reduce sleep penalties just like NoM's Sentinel's Eye brew, and black teas reduce sleep penalties by half compared to coffee.
- Adds requirement for fire and water to make teas and coffees. Also requires a metal/large clay teapot or kettle to boil water if you're using a delicate teapot that's not meant to be put directly on a fire.
- Adds time to make tea, much like the NoM tisanes.
- Alters NoM teapots to match the TeaMod's teapot scripting.
- Added NoM frying pan script to Sheema's frying pan (even though you can't acquire it legally).
- TeaMod cakes and biscuits do nothing to sate hunger because they're mostly sugar, and I know from experience how little that does for you.
Make sure the Tea Mod is loaded BEFORE NoM, and the NoM patch is loaded AFTER NoM.
Tea Giving Add-on:
Allows you to offer tea to any npc in the game for a tiny disposition increase.
This was made a separate add-on because all the extra dialogue options have the unfortunate side-effect of slowing all dialogue to a crawl on slower computers.
Known Conflicts
Vurt's Grass (MINOR)
The teashop's placement conflicts a bit with Vurt's grass. Since other mods may also conflict with Vurt's grass, coming up with an alternate grass esp for this little mod really wasn't worth it. Therefore, if the grass around the shop bugs you, you'll have to remove it yourself.
Instructions for removing grass:
1. Back up your grass esp.
2. Load both mods with the grass mod active.
3. Remove the offending grass.
4. Save your new grass mod.
5. Regenerate distant land with the new grass mod.
Antares BigMod 7+ (MINOR)
The shopkeepers are scripted to call you out if they catch you stealing, and ban you from their shops if they catch you too many times. If you're running BigMod, the theft menu will pop up before the dialogue. This has no bearing on the dialogue. The dialogue lets you give back the items just like BigMod--but only the first couple times. Get caught anymore, and you risk getting banned, no matter what option you choose in the BigMod menu.
I considered letting BigMod circumvent the shopkeeper's reactions, but decided that letting you steal everything in the shop and having all those items teleported to an "evidence" chest where they can be grabbed later was too easily exploited.
Q. The Redware/Silverware Teapots don't work.
A. You've loaded a mod that uses the NoM teapots after this one. This means it overwrites the teapots and removes their scripts. Change your load order so this mod comes after any mod that includes NoM items.
Q. Sheema's top clips through her body.
A. This is a problem with beast races and bb clothing meshes. Slof's Better Beasts takes care of this issue (don't forget the arm fix).
Q. I didn't get all my cups back while drinking tea.
A. There's a one second timer on the tea's scripting to prevent it from giving too many cups back. I've tested ALL 720 scripts, and the only way you wouldn't get your cups back is if you're chugging them too fast. Slow down as swallow before drinking another, geez.
Q. Items that switch to activators/containers are too dark when I put them down.
A. This is a game engine issue, which will be automatically corrected when you reload the cell.
Q. The sload's head vanishes when I get too close.
A. It's a problem with the model that I can't fix. Sorry.
Upgrading to version 2.0 requires cleaning the "Shameen's Teashop" cell.
- Added missing sound files (from Animated Morrowind) for drinking animation.
- Fixed script error in lotus tea tins.
- Fixed dialogue errors in topic "Red Tea" for Mary Madrigal.
2.01- Properly cleaned ESPs (because I recently found out my clean.bat for tes3cmd is broken and hasn't cleaned a damned thing).
- Added Tel Mora tea shop, NPCs and tons of new items.
- Added honey and increased sugar for sale in Shameen's shop. Replenishes weekly.
- Altered NPCs alarm settings and added new scripts and dialogue for theft detection. Increased number of times you can get caught doing something to anger the shopkeepers before getting banned. Attacking them still results in an instant ban.
- Added rotation and positioning to tea tin scripts.
- Removed positioning scripts from all misc items (in main mod).
- Fixed a few typos and floating objects.
- Added weights to steel sale tins in Shameen's shop.
- Added a few items to leveled lists: random_com_kitchenware and random_de_pos_01.
- Added quest for the new tea shop.
Mesh Fixes:
- Fixed UV map on Runspect's dish.
- Re-did the redware and silverware saucers (formerly Cali's).
- Changed out candle meshes (except Sil's) for my own optimized meshes.
- Changed out teacups (using the redware cup mesh) for my own optimized mesh.
- Fixed the gold clay texture so it's seamless.
- Added bottoms to wooden trays (thanks to Keramac for the idea).
- Made a new mesh for the sterling silver tray and redware platter. The redware platter now has a different ID.
- Made a new mesh for the frying pan.
- Made higher-res meshes and textures for the tea and coffee.
Add-on Fixes: Fixed compatibility issue between NoM_patch and TeaGiving add-on.
1.21- Fixed NoM patch so NoM teapots make both tisanes and TM teas and coffees.
1.2- Fixed floating tea cup meshes.
- Rotated teaspoon meshes so they can be set down the right way up instead of sideways.
- Added tea ball by Kiteflyer.
1.1- Fixed clipping plate and cleaned it better with tes3cdmd instead of TESTool.
Credits and Permissions
A big thanks to Denina, Kiteflyer, and all the good people at Great House Fliggerty for their aid and moral support.
Also thanks, abot, for helping out with tricky scripts.
Arcimaestro Antares - eating (drinking) animation and sounds.
KiteFlyer - Bright silver tea set, tea tin meshes, tongs, teaball, square platter mesh, kettle meshes, limeware mugs, coffee grinder, scoop and funnel meshes, letter opener, wooden planter meshes, built-in and double-sided bookcases, sand dunes, and scripting for positioning misc objects. Kiteflyer also made the wooden sale tins used in the Tel Mora shop.
Cali - Silver and redware tea set, kitchen jar meshes, and meshes for creamers are from Cali's Kitchenware.
Qarl - Meshes for porcelain, china, and stoneware tea sets, pink floral tea set, cream/beige colored stoneware sets, and glass tea set are from Kayla's Knick-Knacks.
Runspect - Silver serving dish mesh, Mesh for dragon and red lacquer bowls, jade and bronze urns, wooden bench, wicker dresser, and long table are from the Decorative Pack series.
Barabus - Fireplace, poker, and brass and copper kettles are from Barabus's Fireplaces resource.
Korana - Silver teaspoons, cakes, and biscuits are from her Time for Tea resource. Chamberpot is from Sanitary Conditions.
Armed Defender - Candle meshes, redware cup mesh, oval silver platter mesh, and round cushion mesh are from Mesh Improvements.
Miltiades - Dragon statue meshes are from the Dragon Statue Resource.
The Wanderer - Balance mesh and weights, crystal ball, and hourglasses are from The Wanderer's Modpacks.
Dongle - Display cases and water basin.
Minamir - Cookie jar mesh.
Silaria - Pottery mesh from Sil's Pottery used for bed candles, Sheema's top.
Psychopie - frying pan, whisk, and pot hangers are from Psy's Kitchenware.
Sload - Lidicus, with Westley's textures, and a fez by Chaka ZG
Phaedrus - Chandelier is from More Lights.
Taddeus - Lump mesh for teas, ground coffees, and flour.
Clavis - rectagular mesh for kitchen flour spill overlay.
NoLiv - genie pants mesh retextured to match Sil's top. Aziza's costume comes from the House of Earthly Delights Harem Add-on.
Lieawen & Daduke - wizard hat.
Orphier - fang mesh.
Daduke - monk beads.
Melian - chaise lounge mesh.
Most of the meshes I created are found in the ST folder. The chocolate boxes in the teamod folder are also made by me, as well as the teacups based on the redware cup, the sterling silver tray based on the redware platter, the redware platter, and the redware and silverware saucers that replace Cali's. My candle and lamp meshes are also found in the L folder.
Rugs, tapestries, cushions, beds and pillows, chests, trays and tea mats, tea crates, coffee sacks, teas and coffees, new tea sets, tea towels and linens, tins, steel and cast iron kitchenware, etc. are all retextured by me. I also kitbashed the filled teacups from KF's filled limeware mug mesh to make filled teacups.
I retextured or recolored almost everything I used in this mod, including Runspect's furniture and the glass in Dongle's display case.
This mod also includes a few NoM resources such as the Imperial oven and well, bread shovel, cooking pot, and cookies. For use permissions on those, refer to the NoM readme.
You may use anything in this mod in your own mods, no extra permission necessary, just give credit where it's due. Everything I used/modified came from free-for-use modder's resources or were made entirely by me.
Also feel free to make your own tea shops and sets as add-ons to this mod. If you want to use the scripted items, you can go ahead and copy them without changing anything. None of the scripts require these items to be unique.
Please consider all mess overlays I've made for this mod, such as the flour and ink spills, a totally free-for-use resource. I'd love to see more of them adding a touch of realism to the game. In future I might make more and release them in a resource pack.