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Maksim Eremenko aka Max Yari

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Smooth transitions between nearly every animation in the game. Moddable. Compatible with EVERYTHING.

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My gratitude goes to Greatness7 for providing amazing demo Gifs below, and to MelchiorDahrk for allowing to use and alter their thumbnail and header art.

You can find an MWSE version of the animation blending by Greatness7 -> HERE

Animation blending

Animation blending introduces smooth animation transitions between essentially every animation in the game without affecting gameplay. Effective if smooth animation transitions setting is enabled in the launcher or the config files. It works with any animation and by default affects vanilla and modded animations of any actor or creature.

This is not a mod but rather a special version of the OpenMW engine. Eventually, this feature will become a part of the main OpenMW build, but for now, this Nexus page is the easiest way to get your hands on animation blending in OpenMW.


- Download and extract the archive, use as any other copy of OpenMW.
- Ensure that Launcher -> Settings -> Visuals -> Smooth animation transitions is enabled.
- Optional: This looks extra good with "Smooth movement" and "Turn to movement direction" enabled in the same launcher tab.
- Enjoy!

For Animators and Developers

This feature is very moddable and flexible. Animation developers can bundle ``.yaml``/``.json`` files together with their ``.kf`` files to specify the blending style of their animations. Those settings will only affect the corresponding animation files.

For more details see OpenMW animation blending documentation (WIP) ->


- This is Windows version of the OpenMW engine. Unfortunately, there's no pre-built version for other OS and I'm not sure If I can even make one. If you are willing to go as far as compile it yourself - here's a link to the source code: