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The mod introduces a unique hood designed to shield you from the scorching sun while concealing your vampiric identity. But beware, for its protective powers come at a cost.

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As a newcomer to Morrowind, I was eager to dive into a vampire playthrough, having enjoyed the experience in Oblivion and Skyrim. To my dismay, I discovered that becoming a vampire in Morrowind severely hindered my progression. Determined to make vampire playthroughs viable in Morrowind, I created the Vampire Hood.

This unique hood not only shields you from the scorching sun, allowing you to venture forth without fear of exposure but also conceals your vampiric identity. However, its protective powers come at a price: wearing the hood will steadily drain your Fatigue.

The Vampire Hood can be found in a newly added chest inĀ Andrethi Ancestral Tomb in Balmora.