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A Mages Guild stronghold that is a customizable Dwemer ruin. Dozens of combinations are possible!

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 Building Up the Nchagalelft Complex
The Mages Guild’s version of Building Up Uvirith’s Grave (hopefully)

I like cool towers and playing mages. The Telvanni have a plethora of great mods and a monopoly on cool towers--there's really no question on who has the best content at the moment. I decided to try to even the playing field a little bit by giving the Mages Guild a stronghold, loosely inspired by Building Up Uvirith's Grave and Uvirith's Legacy. And since the Telvanni have a monopoly on cool towers, I decided to make the Mages Guild stronghold a Dwemer Ruin instead.

The Nchagalelft Complex is a Dwemer ruin a bit north of Kutashpi and east of Rotheran. It has two parts -- the Tower and the Underground. The Tower is a basic player home -- it has a small kitchen, a large vault, 2 bedrooms, a storage attic, and most importantly, teleporters to all the vanilla Mages Guild halls.
The Underground is where the customization is. Here’s a quick customization run-down:
Enchanting Store Focus: Scrolls || Constant Effect || Cast on Use
Alchemy Gardens (pick 2): Ascadia || Ash || Grey Meadows || Swamp || Tundra
Library: Arcane || Daedric || Forbidden
Dining Area: Fine Dining || Cozy Tea Room
Arcane Study Room: Enchant || Restoration || Necromancy || Conjuration
Guild Ally: Tribunal Temple || Imperial Cult || Thieves Guild || Morag Tong || Order of the Lamp
If I did my math right, that’s hundreds of different combinations!
Beginning the Mod
When you complete Edwinna’s last quest, she will give you the key to the Nchagalelft Complex.
When you arrive, the Complex is in poor condition. There’s rubble everywhere inside, blocking everything. Luckily, you have a steward who will make arrangements to clear out the tower and the underground – but he’ll need money to do so, of course. Miners and contractors aren’t cheap. 

For more details, see the "Building Up the Nchagalelft Complex" document in the downloaded files.

Requires OAAB and TR

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