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Makes leveling speechcraft a better and worthwhile experience. Talk your way to the top!

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For OpenMW

This mod changes several game modifiers to make leveling speechcraft a more worthwhile and (hopefully) less broken experience.
It also dramatically increases the worth of speechcraft as a major or minor skill by nerfing "ye olde throw money at the problem" method.

Bribe modifers decreased to make bribes more reliant on mercantile and personality than
money to prevent rich characters with low social skills plowing through disposition checks.

fBribe1000Mod 150 -> 125
fBribe100Mod 75 -> 45
fBribe10Mod 35 -> 20

Personality now has a slightly smaller influence on starting disposition (both positive and negative) 
to leave more room for speechcraft checks.

fDispPersonalityMult 0,5 -> 0,35

Random dice rolls now have a lower impact on your speechcraft/mercantile checks.
This makes speechcraft/mercantile checks less random and more skill based.

fPerDieRollMult 0,3 -> 0,2

Minimum success chance increased but minimum change per success decreased so that
leveling speechcraft is easier and has a greater longterm impact compared  to one or two
lucky rolls in a row in vanilla with huge disposition jumps. This also prevents low disposition
traps when you start out with a lower skill level.

iPerMinChance 5 -> 30
iPerMinChange 10 -> 1

Initial base disposition changes updated:

Attacking someone is now taken rather seriously by your victim...

fDispAttacking -10 -> -25

...and not so much anymore if they see you attacking somebody else.

iDispAttackMod -50 -> -20

People don't like it when you start sneezing on their boots!

fDispDiseaseMod -10 -> -15

Increased same-race disposition bonus:

fDispRaceMod 5 -> 10

People will now actually take it personally if they see you stealing (this is muliplied by stack value).

fDispStealing -0,5 -> -1

Pickpocketing someone shouldn't be as bad as attacking them anymore...

fDispPickPocketMod -25 -> -15

You want to taunt somebody? Draw your weapon before talking to them to lower their starting disposition!

fDispWeaponDrawn -5 -> -10

Decreased disposition penalty for tresspassing (in vanilla tresspassing is equivalent to attacking two people!)

iDispTresspass -20 -> -10

For an explanation about how social interactions work in the game see this page:
Disposition and Personality Research