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Drastically reduces value of selfmade potions (two options)

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--- Description ---

Simply changed the GMST iAlchemyMod from 2 to 0.2 --> newly created potions are worth 90% less than vanilla

Example from testing:
Ingredients for a normal "restore fatigue" potion cost roughly 4 drakes. With a normal alchemy value, the potion was worth 50 drakes; now it's 5 drakes. Goes up to 10+ drakes for a master alchemist without stat boosts.

Doing it right, you can still return a profit. But alchemists are not millionaires by default anymore.

Hardcore version:
Using the value of 0.08, you need to be a master alchemist with high-end equipment to return a small profit from alchemy.

(tested within a Morrowind Rebirth setup, values might be different in Vanilla Morrowind)

--- Compatibility ---

Should be compatible with everything, load after other mods that change Gamesettings (GMSTs)

I recommend using it together with my other mod Cheap Soul Gems, which fixes similar balancing issues for soul gem values.