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This mod adds an exotic card game with Hanafuda. You will be able to play card games against various people and you will also be able to bet gold on the game.

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"Wouldn't mind a few rounds of Koi-Koi?"

Hanafuda: Akaviri Playing Cards

In Tamriel, it is believed that Hanafuda, an exotic playing cards, was introduced during the Second Akaviri Invasion in the Second Era. Initially, the Tribunal prohibited the playing of Hanafuda due to its association with the invading culture. However, despite the ban, it quietly thrived in underground gambling establishments, where it became a popular game among them.

Over time, the power and influence of the Tribunal in Morrowind began to decline. As their grip on society weakened, the rigid restrictions and prohibitions they once enforced lost their effectiveness. As a result, the Tribunal eventually lifted the ban on Hanafuda, acknowledging its role as a form of entertainment.

With this change, Hanafuda gained acceptance and popularity among the population of Morrowind. It became a cherished pastime, enjoyed for its beautiful artwork, strategic gameplay, and the opportunities it provided for social interaction among players.

Masterpieces have excellent mini-games. They have elements and rules that are different from the main story and gameplay, and provide players with a different kind of fun and challenge.

This mod adds an exotic card game with Hanafuda to Morrowind. You will be able to play card games against various people in Morrowind, and you will also be able to bet gold on the game.

How to Play

Today,  various people in Morrowind seem to know how to play Hanafuda. Talk to them and ask them to play Koi-Koi, one of the rules of the game of Hanafuda.
Before starting the game, you decide bet amount per point. This limit is determined by the amount of gold each player has and by negotiations.

At the end of the game, the difference between this bet amount and the points will be collected.
If you win big and your opponent cannot pay the full amount, you cannot collect more than he/she has, but instead his/her disposition will increase. Of course, if you lose and fail to pay up, his/her disposition is reduced.

What you do in the game is very simple. The game is played as below:

  1. Select one card from your hand that has the same suit as the card in the field and match and capture them. Or, discard one non-matching card from your hand to the field.
  2. Flip a card from the deck and do the same.
  3. Swap turns and repeat these steps.
  4. When combos are created with the captured cards, the player decides whether to continue (Koi-Koi) to make better combos or win this round (Shobu).
  5. Rounds are repeated, and the player with the highest total score at the end of the game wins.

For more information, please see the in-game rules description. You can also check the card list and combo list.


  • Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon
  • The latest nightly build of Morrowind Script Extender 2.1

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