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Overhaul of the Molag Amur Region

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The original concept map of Morrowind shows an area in the south-east, in the Molag Amur region, known as the Great Scathes.
This area was intended to be covered in sulfur ponds and lakes, as you can see.

Interestingly, the Great Scathes are even mentioned in the in-game book "A guide to Vvardenfell'.

However, the base game did not fully incorporate the concept of sulfur ponds. There are some textures named "sulfur rocks" in the game,
used for some small basins that were likely intended to be ponds, but it’s likely that the original vision was never fully realized.

In 2020, Leyawinn released a mod called "The Great Scathes," which tried to address this. The mod introduced actual sulfur ponds and transformed Lake Nabia into a large sulfur lake.

This mod follows a similar approach, but with some notable differences:

  • Lake Nabia is still a sulfur lake, but it’s all done with a more subtle approach, without using sulfur tiles. On such a big area, the sulfur tiles tend to repeat the textures too often and look quite unnatural. This concept art drawing was my inspiration for Lake Nabia.
  • The sulfur ponds are never positioned at an angle, as that could result in weird situations like water running up-hill.
  • Various new assets and features have been incorporated, including:
  1. Assets recently made by the TR team for their Sundered Scar Region rework
  2. Geysers from OAAB data (showcased here): there were areas where small plants grew from dry ground, suggesting the presence of nearby water sources. These areas seemed like a great opportunity to include geysers as a justification.

Even for those who may not have a specific interest in pre-release and concept art material, these modifications should contribute to making the Molag Amur region more unique and interesting to explore (hopefully).

Ruined Molag Mar
Sloadic Transports

I'm not aware of any incompatibility.

OAAB data and TD data.

Leyawinn: as her mod served as an inspiration
OAAB and TR team: for the new assets being used
mbanshee: for his Lake Nabia artwok