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Say hello to my little skooma mod...
Inspired by Merlords excellent mods Create Skooma, and Skooma Dealer. This mod combines two Merlords mods and refines their concepts.

Permissions and credits
Skooma Baron does:
1. Combines Merlord's Create Skooma and Skooma dealer scripts into a single mod.

2. Cuts out the originals mods scripting placements on skooma pipe to eliminate conflicts with other popular skooma related mods such as Skoomaesthesia

3. Creates a unique misc item called Skooma Refiner using TR assets to hold the skooma creation scripts. (TR is not a requirement, the skooma refiner meshes and icons are included in the mod).

4. Seeds the item skooma refiner into relevant leveled lists, AND hand places the skooma refiner into the world in places where sufficient amounts of skooma or moonsuger can be found or in places where drug manufacturing would logically be found.

5.  Modifies the creation of skooma (now it takes 2 pieces of moonsuger for each bottle of skooma) and modifies the selling skooma profit generation script for better balancing.

Selling Script now is as follows:
set price to ( rand + merc * 2.2 ) + ( speech * 4.4 ) )
set price to ( price + ( per * 0.8 ) + ( luck 0.8 ) + ( alch 0.8 ) )
set XSkoomaPrice to ( price + 85 + rand2 )

Translated what this means is that your Speechcraft followed by Mercantile are the most heavily weighted skills when it comes to slanging sweet sweet skooma and you get minor bonuses from Personality, Luck and Alchemy as well. The addicts disposition is irrelevant now in the value of street skooma, although selling skooma to someone will still get them to like you more for each sale (+10 disposition), their positive disposition won't cause them to pay you more. Now its entirely dependent on your own skill.

Note: You still need the Skooma topic to be able to slang skooma to people. A skooma refiner can be found in Caius Cosades house. He doesn't mind if you take it cause its definitely not his and he doesn't know who put it there. :)