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Find moonstones scattered around Vvardenfell and learn new, moon-themed spells in exchange. Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Have you ever thought that with the significance of the moons in Tamriel, moon magic should be a thing? Well, I did, so I created this mod. This mod adds seven new lore-friendly spells for you to learn that harness the powers of the moons:

Moonlight Veil
Moonlit Path
Moonfire Bolt
Moonshadow Cloak
Celestial Guidance
Lunar Tranquility
Lunar Embrace

To learn these spells, complete the quests given by Tsannari, a Khajiit mage, at the Mages' Guild of Balmora. You must be a member of the Mages' Guild yourself to discuss the topic of moon magic and the tasks you need to complete in exchange for knowledge with her.

There are two quests in this mod:

1. Find the Lunar Talisman which used to belong to a Dunmer priestess of Azura(h) that Tsannari needs
2. Find moonstones scattered around Vvardenfell

The locations of the moonstones:

You can find them in the more obscure areas of vanilla dungeons that you need to visit during the Mages' Guild questline. So hopefully, this mod would provide an additional incentive for you to explore those dungeons more. There are six moonstones altogether and you can learn a new spell for each of them that you deliver to Tsannari.

More detailed directions for the locations of the moonstones (SPOILERS!!):



The image above, which is used as illustration of this mod page, is an image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay.