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Changes the Fight values for various wild creatures, making them a little less aggressive yet (hopefully) true to vanilla lore.

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No longer will the entirety of the forest of Solstheim come down chasing you like you're covered in sweetrolls, or a healthy Cliff Racer spot and murderlize you from half-across the map. Creatures will still turn hostile if you get up in their business, but will no longer outright seek to maul you down.

Diseased and blighted creatures have not been changed as to keep their aggressive nature, nor specific dungeon variants (you're kinda in their nest after all). Alit, Kagouti, Shalk, and all water creatures values have also been kept the same as vanilla.

Changes to Fight value:
* Rat (85 → 81)
* Wild Guar (90 → 82)
* Mudcrab (83 → 80)
* Cliff Racer (90 → 87)
* Nix-Hound (90 → 87)

* Grizzly Bear (85 → 82)
* Snow Bear (90 → 82)
* Tusked Bristleback (90 → 80)
* Wolf (87 → 82)

If you're on OpenMW, remember to run Delta Plugin. Already spawned creatures in a cell will keep their Fight value until respawned.