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About this mod

Turn the books in Morrowind into listenable audiobooks!

Permissions and credits
Audiobooks of Morrowind
Narration is done through ElevenLabs.

How to use:
The mod has 3 different versions to choose from

While book is open, press X to play audiobook.
Press C at any time to cancel audiobook.
Custom keybinds will be a feature in a later update.

While book is open, you will see "play" and "stop" buttons in the UI.
"Play" begins audio. "Stop" cancels audio.

(Vanilla) Not recommended
Interact with a book and a choice will appear "Read out loud" and "read silently."
This choice does not appear when you open a book from your inventory.


Simple as can be!
Use a mod manager to install the mod. That's all.

MWSE version requires Morrowind Script Extender, of course.
OpenMW version requires OpenMW 0.49 or any future release.
Vanilla version requires nothing.

I recommend Kezyma's OpenMW Player for Mod Organizer 2 for easy OpenMW mod installation of omwaddon and omwscripts files

Manual install:
Extract "sound" folder to Morrowind/Data Files

Then do one of the following:
Extract MWSE folder to Morrowind/Data Files for MWSE version
Extract audiobook-openmw.omwscripts and scripts folder to Morrowind/Data Files for OpenMW version
Extract AudiobooksOfMorrowind.ESP for vanilla version

The mod is considered complete, however, we have plans to include some books from Tamriel Rebuilt in the future.


Both OpenMW and MWSE versions are compatible with everything.

ESP version for vanilla will conflict with any mod that modifies books, so it is not recommended anymore.

I couldn't have made this mod alone. It's only thanks to the numerous volunteers who helped generate voices using their own ElevenAI subscriptions that this project got this far.

They are the following:
rfuzzo (Responsible for MWSE script)
Boosh (Responsible for OpenMW script)

And the one's who generated all the audiobooks:
Julius Sneezer
You're not punk

You are free to port this mod to other games such as Oblivion and Skyrim.
You do not need my permission. Just credit me as the original author.